TEMI is happy to announce our 2024 TEMI Teacher of the Year


Maki Honda, of Fukushima, is the recipient of TEMI's Teacher of the Year award for 2024. Maki has attended many TEMI seminars and puts her heart and soul into all her lessons at her school. Her students adore her and reflect her enthusiasm back to her with effervescent smiles.

She has met the following requirements of superior teaching:

* An active TEMI member
* Attended at least two or more TEMI seminars
* Holding a TEMI certificate
* Demonstrating strong ability to foster excellence in English
   education as evidenced by ongoing contributions to the
   improvement of student learning and the learning environment
* Making a difference in his/her community by teaching
   English, using TEMI methods and ideology through
   positive learning experiences and activities for the students
* Demonstrating a strong commitment in creating a climate
   of caring and respect conducive to effective teaching and learning

Award Components:
* TEMI Teacher of the Year Certificate
* Announcement on TEMI website, TEMI Facebook and     Little America website
* Press releases to local newspapers in awardee’s town/city
* 10,000 yen credit coupon for Little America Book Store
* Letter of Appreciation and Recognition for awardee’s school to Maki for her dedication and expertise.


Wishing Maki and all our TEMI teachers a wonderful 2024 school year!
You can learn more about Maki and the fine work she does by clicking here:


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