Teaching Elementary School

TEMI Online Seminar: Teaching Methods for Elementary School Students

Upon completion of seminar, attendees receive:
  • Elementary School English Teaching Medhodology Certificate
  • TEMI Reference Booklet/TEMI lapel pin

/Educational Concepts:

Methods & Educational Philosophy: TEMI Principles
Why Children Are Quick to Learn/Attendance/ Entering & Leaving the Classroom/Warm-ups/Self-intro/Manageable Challenges/Language Couplets/Hot Seat/Hit Bell/Apple Chips/Tempo/English Zone/Show & Tell/Speaking Time/What Is a Classroom?/Training Students the First Month/Homework (Review)/Enjoyable English Experiences/Four F’s/Manners Matter/Sempai-Kohai Relationships/Student Teachers/Presentations/Songs
Student of the Month/Four R’s/12 Teaching Tips/3 Hints
Graduations/Talent Show/Success Is a Vitamin/Rules
Behavior Is Energy in Transit/The Circle of Behavior Guidelines/Respect in the Classroom/Floating in the English Pool/Your Students Are Your Greatest Teachers/Is Something Missing?/The Pygmalion Effect/ NO Explanations! /A Teacher Is a Gardener

Little America Bookstore FREE Webinar for Elementary School Teachers

   ★As of 2022, the TEMI Teaching Materials Seminar has transitioned into the  Little America Bookstore Webinar, which is a FREE event. Attendees receive a PDF with explanations of all the materials to be presented. This is a wonderful chance to receive insight into how good English teaching materials make English come alive in the classroom.


Materials categories:

Class Materials:
Apple Chips/Hit Bell/Pointer/Clapper
Champion Counters/Bell/Dictionaries
Posters: Alphabet Fun/Daily English/Remember Your Numbers/Self-introduction/Fruit/Vegetables/Cute Zoo Animals/Fun Farm Animals/Action Verb Poster
Shitajikis: Handwriting/English Mate/Basic Self-intro

Student Materials: (depending on student level)
Little America Kids’ Notebook/My First ABC Printer/Challenge Book #1 & Challenge Book #2/Challenge Book Workbooks 1A/1B/1C & #2/Passport/Warm-up Booklet/Vocab Champ #1/1-2-3 Action Starter/1-2-3 Action/My ABCs/Free Study Workbooks/Passport
Flash Cards: Food/Animals/First Words/Giant Action Verbs
Games: Watch Out! Level 1 & Level 2/Go Home/Gesture Game/What Am I #1 & 2

Room Supplies:
Teacher & Student Blackboard or Whiteboard/Chalk/Markers/CD Player Calendar/Clock/Dictionaries

Comments from Attendees

I felt refreshed and gained a lot of power from the seminar. It reminded me of how a Good Teacher should be. I also enjoyed the pair work in the breakdown rooms. I learned a lot of new things and was especially interested in Vocab Champ! I feel it has the power to motivate and encourage the students. Now that I know how to use them, I can’t wait to hand them to the students. 

Eriko Sugata, Hiroshima

I would like to thank the TEMI team for creating a truly captivating and involving online seminar. To be honest, I was a touch concerned that a seminar held via online video would be one sided and impersonal. However, just a few moments after logging in I could tell the experience would be quite the opposite. I really appreciate the effort that went into converting the live/in person experience into one that can be experienced anywhere.
Throughout the session Helene played host like a pro, often calling in Sohei for assistance in demonstrating a classroom technique and Soshi for his technical support. What a charismatic family! The live classroom demonstration was a highlight. It was great to see Helene in her natural environment. Above all though. The content, exercises and experiences shared will undoubtably help me to become a better teacher.  

Ian Osborne, Wakayama

The online seminar was wonderful! It enabled me to join from home, take care of my daughter using mute and shutting down the video when necessary, but listening to everything so that I did not miss a thing! The Breakout rooms were great and I enjoyed the pair works very much. Sharing ideas with everybody was also very interesting. It was good to have the booklets beforehand, so I had the time to go through it and think about what questions to ask. It was a valuable experience for me.  

Natsumi Fujimoto, Hokkaido

It was great seeing all the other wonderful teachers at the seminar. I learned a lot from Helene and from the other teachers. I loved the breakout session and how interactive it was. Although it was through a screen we were able to do pair work, ask questions and I especially loved seeing Helene's actual class with her students.  

Amy Okamura, Fukuoka

I was very happy to meet Helene Sensei and all the other teachers online. It was a great experience to learn and hear directly about ideas and points to be careful of when teaching a class. My students were very excited when I told them I had actually spoken with Miss Jarmol. It will be a good motivation for them. 

Maki Honda, Fukushima

Had a great time and experience! I was very impressed that the students could give such a great performance despite the fact they had not had face to face lessons for such a long time. Seeing is believing. I've never seen anything like it in any other seminar. 

Yoko Sato, Fukuoka