Teaching Adults

TEMI Online Seminar:
Teaching Methods for Adults

Upon completion of seminar, attendees receive:
  • Adult Teaching English Methodology Certificates
  • TEMI Reference Booklet/TEMI lapel pin

Educational Concepts:

Lesson Formats according to Level

Levels: Pre-English/Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Entering & Leaving the Classroom/Attendance
Warm-ups/Vocabulary/News of the Week/Q & A
Challenge Book Testing/Writing Journal Presentations
Songs/Dictation/Special Demonstrations/TV News Reports/Show & Tell/Hot Seat/Useful Phrases/English Talent Show/Book Reports/Pronunciation/Western Holidays & Customs/Discussion Topics/Western Manners/Travel Stories/Current Events Topics/Favorite Proverbs

English class is the perfect place to “try out” one’s English and make errors.

Little America Bookstore FREE Webinar for Adult Class Teachers

★As of 2022, the TEMI Teaching Materials Seminar has transitioned into the  Little America Bookstore Webinar, which is a FREE event. Attendees receive a PDF with explanations of all the materials to be presented. This is a wonderful chance to receive insight into how good English teaching materials make English come alive in the classroom.


Materials Categories:

Student Materials: Challenge Book #4/Appropriate Text*/
My University Writing Journal/Discussion Topics/Diary
Warm-up Booklet/My Vocabulary Book (Nouns/Verbs)
Little America Adult Notebook

* Suggested Texts: All about the USA/ Takeoff!/
What a Life/What a World/Life Topics/Talk Your Head Off (Teacher’s Choice)

Shitajiki: Greetings/Int’l Traveler/Medical

Posters: One World Map/Emotional Adjectives/Good Jobs

Flash Cards: Giant Action Verb FC/More Giant Action Verb FC/Giant Emotional Adjectives FC

Games: Topic Triggers/Memory Lane/Celebrity Quiz

Room Supplies: Blackboard/Chalk/CD Player Calendar/Clock/Fashion Magazine/Newspapers

Comments from Attendees

Thank you for an exciting and informative seminar. It’s always wonderful to see and feel the passion fellow teachers have. Upon reflection, there were a few things that stood out for me. “Simple is best” is one of them. I’ve also spent some time thinking about what I can incorporate into my adult lessons starting this week. Your Warm Up Book is getting great reviews as we are all having great fun with it. I have other materials I’ve purchased from you that I haven’t been using lately….it’s time to get them off the shelf .

                                                                                                                                                      Leslie Nielsen, Kanagawa

I am glad I gathered up the courage to join the seminar. As I had been teaching Eiken classes mainly and had little experience with conversation classes, I truly enjoyed all the activities and learned a lot from them! I was also very impressed and moved at how warm-hearted Helene and Sohei are. I felt I must improve myself and try to be more like them. I would like to join TEMI and become a member of the team. 

                                                                                                                                         Takahashi Sanae, Fukuoka