TEMI Online Seminars

TEMI Online Teacher Training Seminars have been designed to help English teachers upgrade their teaching skills and make English come alive in their classes. There are five popular seminars to choose from: Preschool, Elementary School, Class Management, Junior High & High School and Adults. Each seminar gives participants in-depth exposure to TEMI’s innovative methods, which have been especially created for Japanese learners by Helene J. Uchida. 
Now, thanks to Zoom,  you can meet us and participate from the comfort of your own home or school.

TEMI Seminars: Preschool to Adult

TEMI Seminar Application



All TEMI seminar fees are pre-paid. The payment deadline is one week prior to the seminar.
The charge for your TEMI booklet & the TEMI certificate are included in the fee.

Bank Info:

  1) Nishinippon City Bank, Ozasa Branch
      Saving account 1057062
      Eigokyojuho Kenkyukai, Rijicho Uchida Sohei
  2) Yucho Bank, Symbol 17490 Number 19503301
      Tokuhi Eigokyojuho Kenkyukai

Cancellations are accepted, but there will be a 1,500 yen preparation fee per 3 hour seminar for cancellations received from 5 days before the seminar until the seminar day. The balance will be returned within one week and we will mail you the TEMI booklet by the following week.

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Personalized TEMI Seminars

TEMI Online MASTER Teaching Seminar for Individuals or Schools

A Lifetime of Learning in a Single Day!

TEMI holds customized seminars tailored to your specific needs via ZOOM, which you can enjoy from your school or home.

We provide practical teacher training to help teachers improve at the most important aspects of their jobs (developing activities, planning lessons, managing behavior, motivating and engaging students).

We also do consultations for schools.

Our mission is to help teachers help their students.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests.

TEL 092 521-8826


DAYS: 1-2 half-days according to your needs (5 days maximum)
TIME: Morning session 9AM-12PM or Afternoon session IPM-4PM
RESERVATIONS: Accepted on a first come first served basis.
COST: per each 3 hour seminar

Individual: Personalized to your specific needs:¥15,000 for 3 hours
School group: Customized to school’s specific needs:

2-3 people: ¥10,000 per person
4-6 people: ¥6,000 per person
7-10 people: ¥4,000 yen per person
11+ ¥3,000 per person
(TEMI Booklet & TEMI Certificate included)


“Helene’s personalized teacher training seminar was very informative and engaging. I was impressed with her advice regarding my way of teaching and with her suggestions on classroom layouts. She is a knowledgeable and talented teacher. It was a great turning point for me to rethink about my teaching. 

      Azusa Kibushi, Master Teaching Seminar attendee (Niigata)

I was given the opportunity to attend Helene sensei's Online Master Teaching Seminar recently. Having attended several group seminars it was great to have the chance to speak one on one with her and use her experience and advice to fine tune my skills as an English teacher. She listened carefully to the points I'd made around areas I feel I could improve on and gave thoughtful, considered suggestions and ideas. Helene is kind and charismatic, with a wealth of knowledge in teaching students of all ages. If you feel there's room for improvement in your teaching then a TEMI seminar will no doubt give you the ideas and inspiration you need to get better. 
Thank you very much.

                Ian Osborne, Tracey English School (Osaka)


“I learned more about teaching in the one week TEMI In-house Seminar than I did from a year and a half of grad school.”
                 John Bauer, school owner (Hamamatsu)


The TEMI Package Seminar introduced me to Little America and their well-founded teaching system. It was a perfect match for my school and there has been no looking back since. Even for schools with their own system in place, the TEMI seminars offer valuable advice for teachers ever seeking to improve their teaching ability. Thank you Little America for offering a great service!”

Regis de Lavison Managing Director AGORA (Fukushima)

“I chose the TEMI In-house seminar at Little America for the following three reasons: One, I wanted to acquire something that would become a firm core for my teaching. It looked like Little America / TEMI had that “something”. Two, concerning finances, I estimated attending various seminars one by one would coast me more than taking the TEMI In-house seminar for five days. Three, I wanted to discover the secret of Helene-sensei and Sohei-sensei’s long term enthusiasm and energy by observing Helene sensei’s classes and being with them every day. After five days, I am a new, happier, highly motivated teacher filled with ideas I want to use with my own students. I have the confidence to use them because students at Little America showed me how TEMI methods work! Receiving advice directly from Helene sensei and Sohei sensei was such a pleasure. Teaching beliefs are conveyed much better when one hears them directly from mentors. Also Sohei and Helene encouraged me to ask many questions and even changed the schedule according to my teaching needs and requests. It was wonderful. The TEMI and Little America teams were very friendly and supportive. Thank you, TEMI & Little America. I love you.”

               Takako Nishinami TEMI Master Teacher (Okayama)


“Thank you very much for spending your precious time with me; it meant so much.  I am so glad I took a step forward and came to Fukuoka.  I feel so fortunate to have met Helene and Sohei Uchida and thank  them for their generous and unlimited support, Soshi sensei’s generosity for letting me observe his lessons,  and the kindness of all the staff at Little America. Soshi sensei was so confident and graceful! His lessons were inspiring and gave me a lot of things to think about. I am taking so many things with me back to Wakayama.  I will remind myself often of all the advice you have given me.  Next time I come back to a seminar, I hope I have something to share with the other teachers, too.” 

                 ​​​​​​​Yuki Nishigaki, TEMI In-house Seminar attendee


“I have attended several English teaching seminars, and this one was, by far, the best one I ever took. I truly treasure this unforgettable experience and thank Sohei and Helene Uchida for their advice on how I personally can improve as a teacher.”

  Ruby Yamaga, In-house Seminar 2013 attendee (Niigata)

All TEMI seminars have the following goals for teachers:

1. Learn how to determine what English is appropriate for what level
2. Learn methods to create a tempo and utilize pace to ignite and maintain interest
3. Become proficient in innovative teaching techniques
4. Be a role model for your colleagues and students
5. Be a resource for colleagues and fellow staff members
6. Create and maintain a positive learning atmosphere
7. Curb behavioral problems before they occur
8. Become a better teacher
9. Enjoy your classes and your students more
10. Make a difference in the English classroom